As Ventura County’s primary economic advocate, the Ventura County Economic Development Association (VCEDA) convenes an annual Business Outlook Conference (BOC). Now in its 49th year, the BOC explores themes of critical importance to the region and County economic vitality.  


Workforce Development: Building Economic Vitality Through Education and Diversity 

Thursday, October 31, 2009

8 am to 12 pm

Ventura County Office of Education Conference Center | Camarillo

Presented by Ventura County Community College District

More information coming soon!

From Red tape to Red Carpet Awards


VCEDA’s second annual From Red Tape to Red Carpet Awards acknowledges the good work of local government agencies, public-private partnerships, and public servants in implementing innovative programs that cut through red tape, eliminate barriers to economic growth, promote business interests and open the door to private sector jobs creation.


Program Awards recognize outstanding and innovative programs in economic and business development that retain or generate jobs and investment on an ongoing basis. 

Program Awards will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Extent of the economic impact on its community, such as an increase in the overall tax base, the creation of new jobs, or criteria relevant to the goals of the program;

  • Achievement of its stated objective with measurable results; 

  • Development of strong relationships with relevant players and widespread support in the community;

  • Innovation, originality, and cost effectiveness; and, 

  • Relevance and transfer-ability of elements to other communities. 


This award recognizes outstanding and innovative projects that have significantly enhanced the economic vitality of communities and businesses through collaboration between the public and private sectors. Nominees should demonstrate: 

  • The extent to which public and private sector participants have formed a true partnership or joint venture in planning, developing, and financing the project;

  • Direct economic benefit to the community (such as jobs and tax base). Be sure to include metrics when demonstrating results; 

  • Spin-off impact of the project; and,

  • Creativity or innovation in packaging the project (e.g., land acquisitions, joint venture aspects and financing). 


This award recognizes an elected or public official who has served as a committed advocate for economic development in the public sector. Nominees must have demonstrated sustained and effective efforts to mobilize community groups and industry leaders in the development of pro-business programs and projects, played a key role in the planning and designing of new economic development activities, and displayed dedication and commitment to his/her constituency as a leader and advocate for economic development.